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"Koldskål indeholder mælk men også æg, sukker og fløde."

Translation:Koldskål contains milk but also eggs, sugar, and cream.

September 5, 2014



Kind of unfair to count egg, singular wrong when the word ægg can be both singular and plural


"Egg" may also be used as a mass noun in English. You can say "it has egg in it, " just as you can say "it has salt in it." Certainly egg is likewise a count noun: "it has three eggs in it." Answers with singular "egg" should be accepted. I have already put in the recommendation :)


How do you know that 'æg' is 'eggs' and not 'egg' here?


I would say it could be either, without a quantity both make sense in English (unless you're putting a whole egg in without breaking it, then it would ONLY be eggs, but that wouldn't make very good koldskål)


In English you wouldn't translate koldskår to koldskål, i would prefer buttermilk or something alike..


Then I don't think that koldskål is the same as buttermilk. As far as i know, buttermilk is what is left after churning butter, i.e. sour milk with no fat. At least that's what Dutch buttermilk appears to be.


that is because i think there is no correct english translation of it, buttermilk would translate to karnemælk in danish, and is something else (though there is some karnemælk in koldskål I think)


I agree with others here on that "egg" should be counted right---I actually think it actually makes even more sense than "eggs".


I have no idea what koldskål is!

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