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"Zij draagt dezelfde broek als jij."

Translation:She wears the same pants as you.

September 5, 2014



She wears the same trousers as you "do". Is this not a better sentence in English? Please can some native English speaker response at my sentence here ? THX


Sounds fine to me. Report it.


I would not call it better, but it is fine.


In American English, "do" is often left implied. "The same pants as you do" is certainty correct, but "the same pants as you" is much more common.

This also applies to "be", and even native speakers get tripped up on pronouns because of it. You can't see that with the example sentence as given (because "you" is the same form for subject and onject) so let's change it:

She wears the same pants as I (do). She's just as tall as I (am).

Incorrect, but common: She wears the same pants as me. She's just as tall as me.

You wouldn't ever use "me do" or "me am", but with the verb only implied "as" gets misread as a preposition instead of a conjunction.


what is difference between diezelfde and dezelfde?


dezelfde = the same
diezelfde = that same

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