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Please make a way to edit the original document aside from translation to remove extra punctuation?

-sometimes the original document will have extra periods or other strange errors that have been picked up when creating the document to be translated on Duolingo and because of that it looks like some documents are not fully translated until someone takes the time to "translate" every extra piece of punctuation like an extra period.

I think this is silly and I wish that there was a fix for the problem.

(I searched for a topic like this before creating this one, I hope that I'm not missing an alternate thread where this has been brought up previously...)

May 29, 2013



Same here (http://www.duolingo.com/translation/784e9cd5d85dcabe6d562aa9c107bd5e) because of the period within some dates... Is there a way to circumvate this problem by now?


I think in the translation-segmentation algorithm, one must treat dates as a special case and not break up the sentence into two separate sentences at the day full-stop of the date - that would solve this problem. Occurs frequently because dates can be found in numerous translation documents; hence worth fixing.

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