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  5. "Cad is ainm dom?"

"Cad is ainm dom?"

Translation:What is my name?

September 5, 2014



Rumpelstilzchen is ainm duit!


usefull question...


But it's easy to change around.

dom = do + . So to change it, you just change the .

duit = do + -> Cad is ainm duit? = What is your name?


As an extension to what you said...

Cad is ainm dom/duit/dó/di/dúinn/daoibh/dóibh?

Read as: /dom/ /dit'/ /do/ /d'i/ /du:n'/ /di:v'/ /do:v'/

What is my/your(sing.)/his/her/our/your(pl.)/their?


I really like how the speaker really says that, they don't just speak it. It's one of the reasons I appreciate the course has an actual speaker and not text-to-speech, as limited as that makes it, it makes it more real and the tone of the voice helps me remember a lot of words and phrases.


why is "is" required? isn't it implied by "cad"?


Sometimes cad is used with an explicit copula (cad is ainm duit?, cad is brí leis sin?), sometimes it's used with another verb (cad tá uait?, cad a thárla?), and sometimes with a preposition (cad chuige?), sometimes with an implied copula (cad é an t-am é?)

In this case, the copula is explicit, and cad is ainm duit? is just how you cay it. An alternative version, cén t-ainm atá ort? relies on an implicit copula (cén is a contraction of cad é an).


Why not cad bhfuil MO hainm?? Why not a possesive here?


I thought it was "what is your name" .


Cad is ainm dom? - "What is my name?"
Cad is ainm duit? - "What is your name?"
Cad is ainm dó? - "What is his name?"
Cad is ainm di? - "What is her name?"


Can you use "Cad bhuil mo hainm" instead of this? Or "Cad bhuil do hainm"? Or is "Cad is ainm dom/duit" is the only way to say it?


You can't say "cad bhfuil mo ainm?" for 2 reasons. The first is that you would use the independent form of the verb, , not the dependant form bhfuil (cad tá ar siúl?). The second is that "name" and "Paul"(for example) are both nouns, so you need to use the copula is, not the verb .

The most common alternative to Cad is ainm dom? is Cén t-ainn atá orm? (which uses rather than the copula because of the preposition ar).


Go raibh maith agat! You also reminded me that I still have problems with and bhuil :'D

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