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More practice on Eclipsis and Lenition.

Firstly let me congratulate the people who have worked for the Irish course. You have done an amazing job. Mistakes happen and as long as they can be fixed then there's no need to complain.

I would like to make a small suggestion. I do believe that we could use a bit more practice on grammatical issues like eclipsis or lenition. Since they aren't common in other major european languages (to my knowledge, I may be completely wrong), I personally feel I could use the extra practice. Unfortunately the Strengthen Skills section for these lessons keeps repeating the same questions and no progress can be made.

Is there any possibility this could be fixed or improved?

September 5, 2014



Certainly. We will add more exercises to these skills to make skill-strengthening less monotonous. It is a little tricky to add completely new words to skills at this point in time, but the Duolingo staff are working on a system that will allow us to do this.


Will that as a side effect fix the issue of questions repeating multiple times in a single practice session?


Not necessarily, that bug most likely has a different cause.


As it is, could there be more practice even of what was there? My strength in lenition had fallen, I click "strengthen," write down "den mhairteoil" from dictation, hit continue, and find out that from one answer I got 13 points and lingots. I don't mind leveling up to 6 on that, but I kinda wanna earn it :)


I’m gathering the extra practice talked about five years ago never quite came to pass. Are there practice exercises on this topic of eclipsis and lenition anywhere else on the web?

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