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"Jeg kører rundt med min lille hund min cykel."

Translation:I ride around with my little dog on my bike.

September 5, 2014



What is wrong with my answer "I ride around with my little dog on my bycicle." ??


I wrote "I'm riding around with my little dog on my bike." but it was marked wrong. Is it?


Yes. "I'm riding" means you're doing it right this moment. "I ride" mean you do it regularly.


But nothing in the Danish sentence tells me if I ride regularly or not.


You are right. "I'm riding" version should also be accepted. In most cases the contributors have added both versions of the verb when they wrote in the sentences, but human error does happen. If "am riding" is not accepted, please report it.


Jeg har et spørgsmål. Would omkring work in this sentence? Hvis der er forkert, hvorfor? Tak for dit svar.

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