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  5. "An dtéim chuige?"

"An dtéim chuige?"

Translation:Do I go to him?

September 5, 2014



What is the purpose of 'an' in this sentence? I don't understand the syntax at all...!


an (or ar in most cases in the past tense) is a question particle. It marks the fact that you're asking a question, and it eclipses the following verb.

Téim chuige -> I go to him

An dtéim chuige -> Do I go to him?

Ní théim chuige -> I don't go to him ( is a negative particle which lenites)


Is "Don't I go to him?" simply An ní théim chuige? ?


It'd use the negative interrogative particle, nach instead.

Nach dtéim chuige?


galaxy in your example above of Ní théim chuige ... the negative particle lenites.... then in the question particle An dtéim chuige ... the dtéim ... er the d added in front of téim ... is that an eclipsis?


Yes, it is an eclipse.

  • bP
  • gC

  • dT

  • bhF

  • mB

  • nD

  • nG (actually the 'ng' sound of English (think end of sing) not just 'n')

If you know linguistics: it voices voiceless consonants, and nasalizes already voiced ones, all with same places of articulation.


I'm a little familiar with some bits and pieces of linguistics such as the letter P doesn't vibrate like B and P almost starts with a puff of air.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you! That makes things so much easier!


    That's why "An bhfuil" is spelled so funny and the 'f' is silent. The 'bh' is eclipsing the 'f' because of the 'An'.


    So "an" is "do" in questions?


    I thought that you didn't use an urú before "t" if it's after the letter "n"


    I think the DeNTaLS - DoTS "acronym" is helpful ( ignore the lower case letters)

    If a word beginning with d,t,s ( ie DoTS) requires lention, Don't lenite If the preceeding word ends in d,n,t,l or s ( ie DeNTaLS )

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