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fantastic/ disturbing/ hilarious sentences

I can totally understand why it would be a bit wrong to start a thread here with some of the more memorable sentences Duolingo has provided in the skill tree, but I feel like I have to share some of these with more people than my husband. Does anyone know of a tumblr or fansite with some of these? One of my favorites from this week was "They don't know where the bodies are" or something very close to that.

May 29, 2013



Thanks for posting this. It's hysterical!


Italian - "Come on Captain, we take a shower" or something along those lines.


I had "She replaces the baby with a black dog" in German. She... what?!


As a German I can confirm that this is actually a really useful sentence.


I had that one too. I thought that was somehow randomly generated, but if these are preselected sentences, it's even stranger...


From the Spanish tree. the men eat a strawberry and from the French we live in an apple. And the disturbing When will I die.


From Italian: Better if you get help from a cute scientist. (well, it doesn't hurt...)


My friend and I joined, and almost immediately it gave us "we eat the children"


please, don't "fix" this, I love when duo gives me one of these to translate. :)


I have just had from French. "We are talking about dead cats" and from german "He wears a skirt".


Forty small horses against one big duck...

That duck would put godzilla to shame


Not while we have his daughter.


I found three today in French subjective present 1. It is necessary that he close the bathroom door. 2. It is for her to enter the restrooms. and 3. So that he may live, I have to die.


The third one sounds Biblical. The first one was hilarious as if people don't already close the bathroom door. The second one makes it seem like the bathroom is a magical place.


I love it when these pop up in lessons. XD I once got "El oso bebe cerveza". Odd.


I still love the German one, 'mindestens seht ihr nicht blau aus' / 'at least you don't look blue', 'blue' being a German term for 'drunk'!


Put this one in the inane column "This looks like a book chapter." Really, what else could it be?


I think they're brilliant, even when they're inane. The mind tends to remember things better when they're unusual, silly or shocking, and it's curiosity-provoking to see what they're going to throw at us next. The one I just got was "Do you believe that they met in prison?" My mind immediately makes a scene in which this sentence might possibly work. Great for memorization!


it gave me "he is an apple" lolwut


I can tell you I have met a lot of creative and funny sentences in the Danish tree, more than any other I have done so far :) For example: Tigeren vasker drengen mens bjørnen spiser --> The tiger washes the boy while the bear eats.


http://duolingo.com/#!/comment/110689 is the most absurd/hilarious one I've seen so far. Hint: The provided English translation is too polite, trust your translation instincts :)


These are all so hilarious :)


It is smaller, but more effective. - È più piccolo, ma più efficace. winks lewdly


Found in Dutch: "Beer tegen paard" Translation:Bear against horse


I once got, "she has only nine fingers." and, "you have twelve arms."

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