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"The breakfast is on the plate."

Translation:Tá an bricfeasta ar an bpláta.

September 5, 2014



I also used here "Tá an bricfeasta ar an phláta."


Yep. That's Donegal Irish, and is accepted in the standard.


Why does plata need to be bplata?


After many prepositions (ar, ag, ó, for example) and the singular definite article an, the noun is eclipsed.

ar an bpláta, ag an mbord, ón gcathair, srl


Yes, the p sound is eclipsed by b. bpláta is pronounced as though it was spelled bláta. (mbord is pronounced as though it was mord, gcathair as gathair, etc)

The process is called "eclipsis", and the b in this example is called an urú, which is also the word used to describe a solar eclipse - urú na gréine.


Very useful explanation, thank you so much!


I've seen this as bpláta and then phláta in back to back questing. Are both correct or did i miss something?

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