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Tu peux le faire

Duolingo translates this as"You can do it." but when I look back over my vocabulary the only meaning I see for "faire" is "make". I looked it up elsewhere and found the same. So is this a particular French usage or should it also translate as "You can make it."? Thanks.

September 2, 2012



Faire means both to do and to make. So "You can do it" still works with this verb.


@helenvee - You are quite right, Duolingo should accept both. "Il fait un g√Ęteau, ou il fait du cheval." ... "Mais toi aussi, tu peux le faire." In English, you do horseriding, but you make a cake.


Thank you for the clarification but I had "You can make it" marked as incorrect which is why I wondered if it was a peculiarly French phraseology.

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