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  5. "Godmorgen!"


Translation:Good morning!

September 5, 2014



From Den Danske Ordborg: godmorgen = [goˈmɒːɒn]


Hi everyone. I noticed on a danish newspaper the message "Go' morgen" and i thought the "D" might be silent, but in the pronunciation here i am able to hear it a bit. I am a little confused now, whether to use it or not. Tak


If you speak properly, and trying to make sure you're speaking clearly, then the d is pronounced a bit, but if a Dane is speaking fluently and quickly they tend to shorten it to just "Go'". Think of it like the Australian English "G'day"


Go' morgen is just a fancy way of writing it. Generally you will see ' used when omitting one or more letters. It is not grammatically correct to write "God" as "Go'", not last time I checked at least. Go with "Godmorgen" that's the safer bet.


Why in Danish is there no space in between "godmorgen" and "godnat" (good night)?


To me as a dutch that is quite logical. I actually tye goodmorning as a translation. haha


Er det forkert at have tomt rom mellem "god" og "morgen"?

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