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  5. "No, it is not him."

"No, it is not him."

Translation:Nej, det er ikke ham.

September 5, 2014



Of course it's not him, he just got eaten by that dog.


Why does it say that den is a typo?


I think "den" is only used when you could replace the word "den" with a common gender noun, and every other time "det" is used instead. Here's an example.
Someone asks you "Har du hesten?" (Do you have the horse?)
You reply with "Jeg har den" (I have it.)
In this case you could replace "den" with "hesten" which is of course of the common gender, so "den" is used instead of "det"


Does Danish not have predicate nominatives? Or is it like English where predicate nominatives are technically correct but everyone uses the objective case? e.g. "It is I" vs "It is me".


Why it can't be translated as "nej, det er ikke han"? Can't understand the difference between han/ham and hun/hendes...


It's the same as the difference between he/him and she/her. So where you would use "he" in English, you use "han", and where you would use "him", you use "ham".

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