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"Él logra caminar."

Translation:He is able to walk.

5 years ago


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When is LOGRAR (to achieve, to attain, to get) used in lieu of the more common PODER?

5 years ago


"Poder" means he can do something, "lograr" has the same meaning as "achieve", it's a matter of getting to do something after some effort or difficulties, I guess?

5 years ago

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In English "he is able to walk" and "he can walk" are synonymous, yet DL marks the latter incorrect. I get the "lograr/poder" difference as described by Babella, but if "is able to" is a correct translation of "logra" in this sentence, then surely "can" should also be correct.

4 years ago


Pb I agree with jellonz. "He can walk" and "He is able to walk" mean the same thing and "He can walk" is much more likely to be used in normal conversation.

4 years ago