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Extra timed practice reward for finishing with time left?

As it is now, timed practice awards the user one point per correct answer, without any extra rewards for finishing the set comfortably. How about giving an additional recognition for those who finish quickly (indicating mastery of the material) and granting a few extra points for having time left on the clock?

Maybe something like 1 point per 5-7 seconds left if the user didn't miss any questions, then have a "decreasing" return if the user got some questions wrong along the way (e.g. 1 answer wrong = 1 point/10 seconds left, 2 answers wrong = 1 point/15 seconds, 3 answers wrong = no extra reward).


May 29, 2013

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I completely agree with your idea! I was actually just thinking about how that is such a great idea. This would also give more motivation to finish all 20 questions in timed practice.

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