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  5. "En sandwich"

"En sandwich"

Translation:A sandwich

September 5, 2014



Don't step up the difficulty too much figuring out sandwich meant sandwich, man ...that must've taken me hours


Just wait until you have to translate words like computer, internet, guitar, vodka or boomerang to danish, thats where the real challenge begins.


Well, make them into plurals then ;)


Can someone explain to me when to use en (like in "en sandwich") and et ("Han spiser et æble")


Thanks Pale Moon! It was a great hint.


That Earl of Sandwich is one famous guy.


So simple I struggled


So is "sandwichen" (how it was translated/pronounced with the picture) not used at all?


Sandwichen= The sandwich En sandwich= A sandwich


Oh ok, thanks!


Is there a Danish word for sandwich? that isn't the borrowing from English? like in Swedish, Smörgås (meaning something like: lump of butter)

As far as I can tell, the very word Sandwich is the name of a person credited with inventing the dish. It's not a term that specifies what the object is with idioms. Likewise with the term Hamburger/burger


Not one that I've ever heard. If there is, it'd probably be some obscure word, buried deep within the dictionary that hasn't been uttered in several decades, lol.


i spelled sandwitch wrong oops



Norwegian nouns belong to three noun classes: masculine, feminine and neuter. Adjectives and determiners agree in gender with the noun they modifiy. Riksmål and conservative Bokmål traditionally have two genders like Danish, but Nynorsk and most speakers of Norwegian regional dialects use three genders to different extents.

There is no way in general to infer what gender a specific noun has, but there some patterns of nouns where the gender can be inferred. For instance, all nouns ending in -nadwill be masculine in both Bokmål and Nynorsk (for instance the noun jobbsøknad, which means job application). Most nouns ending in -ing will be feminine, like the noun forventning(expectation).


I put A but it wouldn't let me write sandwich


Wait- I've just seen a bunch of comments and I just realised... can I actually speak to my Danish step-dad using these sentences? Like they are framed and structured exactly like English and I swear it's supposed to be structured differently?


Sometimes Jag have to yell in order for de mic to hear me and det still doesn't pick up. Det should be made where you get to turn off de mic rather than giving en certain time limit before det just turns off

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