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Audiobooks in Spanish

Where can I find simple audiobooks in Spanish to listen to on my iPhone. Children's books or similar, for beginners.

September 2, 2012



You may search Librivox.org for spanish audiobooks in children' genre or something.

Also in LingQ.com you might search for audio-lessons according to difficulty


Great resource, thank you so much!


This is fabulous! Me encanta


Here's a good list of Spanish audiobooks for beginners. Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood) and other fairy tales are good for novices because you know the story well enough already to follow along. If you're a bit more intermediate, I recommend El Alquimista (guess what that means).




Livribox and Albalearning are good options.

In youtube, I recommend:

Other option is Ivoox (a podcasting platform with some audiobooks)

Also, I upload my own audiobooks to my Youtube's channels. I have recorded some long novels, some poems and some traditional tales too. I am Spanish. Probably it will help you:



Try iTunes store - type "Spanish audiobooks" into the Search box in the upper right corner. I had a quick look and they have La Vuelta Al Mundo en 80 Dias by Jules Verne ($5.99) and Cuentos en Audio de H. C. Anderson (Hans Christian) for $4.99. And more. As well there is a special section for children's printed books in foreign languages. Some are cheap, even free. Also look at Amazon's audiobook and e-book section - they have thousands of books in Spanish, and some are free. You would need the Kindle app to read these on an iPhone (the app is also free).


I found 6 in our local library system.


Hey all, I just recently published a new Spanish audiobook library app, where you can listen Spanish classics, novels, poems and other stories for free from native speakers - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.murati.audiobook.es

I thought it is worth to share, so let me know how if you like it or what should I develop further on this.

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