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  5. "Pól is ainm dom."

"Pól is ainm dom."

Translation:My name is Paul.

September 6, 2014



Paul will one day become President of Ireland, and leave his wife, and dog, and wash his cats, and go out with the pink girls in their jumpers with the prime minister. But woe is Paul. He ends up in the fridge. Careful for the beef at that restaurant. :)

Beidh Pól lá amháin bheith ina Uachtarán na hÉireann, agus saoire a bhean chéile, agus madra, agus nigh a cait, agus dul amach leis na cailíní bándearg ina jumpers an Príomh-aire. Ach tá mairg Pól. Críochnaíonn sé suas sa chuisneoir. Cúramach don mhairteoil ag bialann. :)

Is that correct? Is é sin ceart?


I have no idea, but I give a hundred for the plot

  • lá amháin is a literal translation — lá éigin would be better;
  • saoire is a noun (e.g. leave of absence) — fágfaidh would be better;
  • nífidh (future tense) rather than nigh ;
  • rachaidh (future tense) rather than dul ;
  • cailíní bándearga (plural adjective) rather than cailíní bándearg ;
  • ina ngeansaithe rather than ina jumpers ;
  • tá mairg Pól is a literal translation — léan ar Pól would be better;
  • Críochnóidh (future tense) rather than Críochnaíonn ;
  • Bígí cúramach (“Be careful”) rather than Cúramach ;
  • ag an bhialann sin rather than ag bialann.

Should I ask why the prime minister is in the pink girls’ jumpers? ;*)


this is a more natural and (i believe) correct version.

"Beidh Pól ina Uachtarán la eigin, fágfaidh sé a bhean chéile agus a mhadra, nífidh sé a chat, agus rachaidh sé amach leis na cailíní bándearg ina ngeansaíthe leis an Príomh Aire. Ach léan ar Pól. Críochnóidh se suas sa chuisneoir. Bígí cúramach don mhairteoil ag an bhialann sin."


Plot twist, we were Paul the entire time...


Why is "Pól" first? Is there a reason, or is that just how it is in this case?


A more common way of introducing yourself is - Is mise Pól (I am Pól).


The copula is a defective verb, and it breaks the Verb-Subject-Order rule for word order.


It's essentially saying, "Pól is the name on me". It's just how it's structured.


Well, I get that, but isn't the verb usually first? Why not here?


I guess there are other grammatically acceptable orders for such a sentence, such as (guessing) Is Pól an ainm dom or whatever. But the mere fact of grammatical acceptability doesn't mean that native speakers have to use that form. For whatever pragmatic reason, the standard way of giving your name is this fronted construction, Pól is ainm dom

Presumably, other sentences of the form is X Y can be transformed to X is Y for the purpose of emphasizing X.

So don't interpret this an an example of English word order (subject verb object) in Irish. It's not. It's a fronted expression, like in the English sentence "Grammar - it's our subject today".


In response to dwarven_hydra's "Why is "Pól" first? Is there a reason, or is that just how it is in this case?"

In the Celtic languages (Welsh does the same thing) it's usual for the "new information" to come first in sentences of this "X is Y" type. "Pól is my name" because it's Pól that is the new information (we already knew he had a name). Similarly with such presenting-new-information sentences as (literally) "A city in the southwest of Ireland is Cork" -- in response to "I've heard of Cork; tell me more/something about it". (English in this situation would more naturally say "Cork is a city in the southwest of Ireland".)


Paul... i was missing you! :)


The way I learned it years ago was "Pól an t-ainm ata orm". Is that a regionalism?


That's the way it's said in Ulster - in response to 'Cad é an t-ainm ata ort?'


"Pól Atreides is ainm dom," dier sé.

Is maith liom an scéal/leabhar Dune ag Frank Herbert! :)


Is "dom" from "do" + "mo"?


Would "Mo ainm Pól" be another way to say this?

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Not really, because the "is" is the verb in this sentence.


...and danger's my game


I understand that the usually emphatic word order is more normal in this case (introducing one's name), but would it still be possible to have the usual word order (e.g., "Is ainm dom é Pól")? Or would this be totally impossible? Or pragmatically marked?


Ní. Yu Ming is ainm dom. An bhfuil tusa ag labhairt liomsa?

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