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  5. Ist was mit Vater?


Ist was mit Vater?

Ist was mit Vater?

Duo Lingo translates this as "Is something with Father?"

I don't quite understand this.

Does the sentence mean "is something wrong with Father" .

Or does it mean "Is some object with Father"?

Thanks for your help!

September 2, 2012



How come That? was in German means what.I can now say, Is what with father.Which is not correct in English


>Does the sentence mean "is something wrong with Father" . Yes, it does.


More neutral it could be "Is something the matter with Father?"


This could be rendered as 'What's with Father?' in English.


Similar to this, I keep getting "Was ist mit diesem M├Ądchen", which Duolingo tells me is "What is with this girl?". I suppose this has a similar meaning in both languages, ie. "Why is this girl behaving / looking the way she is?"


i thought of it as "whats with father?" but Duolingo said that was wrong, but i think its the same idea

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