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"I do not like this type of house."

Traduction :Je n'aime pas ce type de maison.

September 6, 2014

9 commentaires


Novembre 2014 : "style" est accepté

November 20, 2014


"Genre de maisons" n'est pas accepté. Bizarre

November 10, 2018


Genre de maison sans S à maison.

March 9, 2019


sans "s" à maison, le hibou n'en veut pas non plus.

August 25, 2019


"... ce genre de maison" accepté 13/11/19.

November 13, 2019


Can some explain why "Je n'aime pas cette type de maison." is not excepted? I'm assuming it is because of "cette" but that should match the gender of "maison". also, it is on the drop-down list.

March 7, 2017


In this sentence, the demonstrative adjective "ce" must agree with the noun "type" and not with the noun "maison", because "ce" is before the noun "type" and not before the noun "maison".

  • "cette jolie maison" ("cette" agrees with the noun "maison" because "jolie" is an adjective).

  • "ce type de maison".

March 7, 2017


It is because we are talking of the type (LE type) and not the house

June 15, 2019
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