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  5. "Is maith léi é."

"Is maith léi é."

Translation:She likes him.

September 6, 2014



Can you use the expression "Is maith..." with people, or is it more usual with objects? That is, "She likes him" vs. "She likes it." Duo accepted both, but I wondered about normal usage.


It's used with both people and objects


Could this be used in the sense of 'She /likes/ him', i.e. has a crush on him, or would it only ever be used to say that she finds him generally agreeable?


Beidh sé sa mála anocht


Is there any way other than context of conversation to differentiate between sé for it/him?


He is who she likes ?


This reminds me of the Hiberno Irish idiom 'she's good with him' (i.e. 'she likes him') or 'she's good with it' - 'that is okay/fine with it.'

Does anyone know if the test sentence here can be used in the second manner, or if that is a shade of meaning that evolved after the construct had been dopted into English?

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