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  5. "Mi piace ridere con te."

"Mi piace ridere con te."

Translation:I like laughing with you.

September 6, 2014



I noticed in this lesson that DL is using the gerund instead of the infinitive. Example: insegnare (teaching/insegnando, instead of to teach); dormire (sleeping/dormendo, instead of to sleep); ridere (laughing/ridendo, instead of to laugh). "Mi piace ridere con te" should translate: "I like to laugh with you". Any comments appreciated.


Either one is fine in English


The Italian gerund can't be used as a noun as we do in English; they use the infinitive instead, which means it can be translated to gerund and/or infinitive depending on the sentence. In this example, "I like laughing with you / to laugh with you" are both valid ways of rendering it in English.

In other instances though, e.g. "giocare a calcio è divertimento", you would say in English "playing football is fun", not "to play football is fun".


I mean an Italian infinitive can be translated to an English infinitive and/or gerund.


I said to laugh and they counted it wrong. I couldn't find a way to report that it should have been accepted but it should have.


My phone's autocorrect made me write "I like to lay with you". Oops.


I heard "vivire con te"!


Yes, the pronunciation was awful. I only got it by switching to the slo mo version


Mi piace ridere con te ma non mi piace ridere con il tè.


I know you meant te not tè.


It's a pun. Have another look. :)


Mi piace ridere con te ma non mi piace ridere di te.


I like laughing with you. = Mi piace ridere con te. I like to laugh with you. = Mi piace ridere con te. This is no laughing matter. = Non è una questione da ridere. Laughter is good to hear. = Le risate sono belle da ascoltare. That is a laughing cow. = Quella è una mucca che ride.


...really heard "vivire" rather than "vivere."


I know this has probably been covered in some other lesson already, but I can't remember which. When should we use ti vs. te/mi vs me etc?


Guarda me vs guardami, mi guardi? vs guardi me?, ti vengo dietro vs vengo dietro a te, etc.

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