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  5. "We come in between."

"We come in between."

Translation:Wij komen ertussen.

September 6, 2014


! Beware of this difference:
  • Ertussen = in between (this has a general meaning!)
  • Hiertussen = in between these things/among these things

See Susande's comment :)


I am a native Dutch speaker and the correct translation is also "tussenbeide komen"


In the future you should report things like that (using the Report a Problem button that shows up when your answer is marked). We're still in beta testing, so many translations and synonyms are still missing. We need help from people like you to find them!


wat is beta testing? dank je wel :-) p.s. als de antwoord in nederlands kort is, gebruik je in nederlands en engels, alstublieft (oh god, how much of that did I butcher?) ;-)


See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_testing#Beta_testing

FYI the course isn't in beta anymore, that post by me is some 9 months old.


Why is the top answer on hover hiertussen when it isn't correct? How is someone who's just encountered this sentence supposed to know to use ertussen?


how do I know to choose ertussen rather than hiertussen? What is the difference ?


With ertussen it's undefined in between what you come. We come in between these. would be We komen hiertussen. so it is defined in between what you come. Similarly daartussen means in between those.


How would you use this sentence in a practical situation?


why is "ertussen komen wij" not correct?

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