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  5. "Ik fiets nu veel meer."

"Ik fiets nu veel meer."

Translation:I bike much more often now.

September 6, 2014



Im pretty sure I am biking a lot more also makes sense


Want ik woon in Nederland!


I'm a little confused by the positioning of the adverbs. Can we place "nu" at the end of the sentence?


As native speaker I use both, so you can


Can someone explain why "I bike way more now" is valid, but "I bike more now" is not?


"I bike more" = "Ik fiets meer"

"I bike way more" = "Ik fiets veel meer"


what about the verb "to bicycle"?


Apparently it exists in English (I had to look it up). In general turning nouns into verbs is far less common in English than it is in Dutch (where you can turn almost everything into a verb: computeren, twitteren and smsen to give a few recent examples). Also in English in normal usage these kinds of verbs will be used less, because alternatives like to ride a bicycle are often used.

But indeed the verb exists, so it should be accepted as an alternative translation, I hope you reported it.


Now I bike way more. Should be added to correct answers.

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