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  5. "The cat is spinning."

"The cat is spinning."

Translation:Katten drejer rundt.

September 6, 2014



It feels like as if the English translation should be ' the cat is purring/purrs' then the Danish version would be 'katten spinder' . In this case the cat is making this characteristic humming sound when in relaxed state instead of physically moving around one point.


Is rundt needed in the absence of an object? I only ask because "han drejer flasken" was a previous solution.

  • Drejer = turns
  • Drejer rundt = turns around and also spinning.

Hope that clears it up :) As with anything else, though, people use the language slightly differently.


I don't think purring is it possible meaning here, is it? Turning makes sense and, I even thought of the German expression "spinnen", which suggests that "The cat is crazy" is another possible answer. But purring?

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