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"Gli ombrelli sono nel ristorante."

Translation:The umbrellas are in the restaurant.

May 30, 2013



Those duolingo people constantly leave something in the restaurant...


These silly guys go to too many restaurants, and then forget all their stuff! This must be stopped!


This computer woman's voice is terrible. She lets the end of "nel" pop off her tounge and it clearly sounds like nella


This is funny, because I actually always forget my umbrellas in restaurants.


Using "inside" would be differentiating between "inside" or "outside". We're not interested in what section the umbrella is but "where did I forget my umbrella this time." "Ah, now I remember in the restaurant." Sorry I know it's plural but the point is the same.


I'm sorry ma'm. We do not allow wet umbrellas inside the store.


Is it normal that the pronounce of gli sounds a lot like I ?


I've been told to try for a sound like the centre of "million".


Except for very few words as: glicine, glicerina, anglicano and a few others, the italian sound "GLI" doesn't have an English equivalent.
IMHO it is more useful to listen and try to repeat the "GLI" sound inside the words (coniglio, famiglia, maglietta, paglia, foglia, moglie, sbaglio)


someone has forgoten many times the umbrella in the restaurant... (uno ha bevuto tanto vino)...all the umbrellas are in the restaurant.... and it is raining now... :(


Is gli pronounced lee or yee?


Why is "The umbrellas are inside the restaurant" considered incorrect?


You'd probably use "Gli ombrelli sono dentro il ristorante" for that.

Dentro is used to specify inside. nel/nella/nello/etc is used for a more general "in". I don't know why... Same reason we have both in and inside in English I guess. I can't think of a situation where one is right over the other off the top of my head but I'm sure there are situations where that's the case.

Okay, nel is actually 'in the" because it's the words in + il, just as nella is in + la, but you knew that right?


I was trying to search for some differences and came across this. "Inside" is slightly different because it conveys being enclosed (in the box vs inside the box--which is more than likely closed). Also, I came up with this example where "inside" might be weird to use: if you say "I live inside the USA" instead of "I live in the USA," (unless speaking about borders which gets to the whole being enclosed thing). If you used it with a city it might convey depth so "I live in New York City" vs "I live inside New York City." The latter (inside) seems like the person lives really well within the city or never leaves it.


the umbrellas must be having fun with the susage


Li hai lasciati lì?


the voice clearly says nella - not nel


again - the voice clearly says nella - not nel

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