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"An bhfuil tábhachtach? Tá."

Translation:Is it important? It is.

September 6, 2014



Irish doesn't have words for 'yes' and 'no'. What you do instead is repeat the verb in the positive or negative to answer yes or no, which is what's happening here.


Ok, I wrote, "Is it important? Yes, it is." Would that be an acceptable answer?

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Apparently not ....It marked me wrong for including the "yes".


Me too. I think Yes should be acceptable.


Mee too. This is actually an acceptable answer. It should be.


What about "Is ea."? Would that be acceptable instead of "Tá."? Or is "Is ea." only in response to questions using the copula?


As far as I know, one should answer a question with the same verb that was used in the question. So 'tá' in this case, but 'is ea' where the question also employs the copula.


When we talk about employing the copula, what is meant? I can't make head nor tail of the copula and I have read about it for awhile now. Very much appreciated!


The Tips & Notes for the very first skill, Basics 1 introduce the copula.

Perhaps a simpler explanation is that you use the copula is when you use a noun or pronoun to identify or classify another noun or pronoun - "he is a boy", the noun "boy" is classifying the pronoun "he" - is buachaill é.

This exercise is not using the copula, it is using the verb , which is in the present tense, or in this cae an bhfuil in the present tense interrogative.


I put "It is important? It is." and was marked wrong. Why? I do not see a difference between "it is?" and "is it?"


"it is" is a statement. Sticking a question mark on the end isn't enough to make it a question.


I hear this as An bhfuil SIAD....

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