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Voice recognition completely off base

I have been repeating the same word over and over. I am definitely saying it correct. It's even ACKNOWLEDGING that I'm saying it correct, but then it takes it away and says it's wrong. The voice recognition on this site makes things a little unusable, and now I'm forced to accept heart loses I don't deserve.

September 6, 2014



You can skip these questions on the website by pressing "I can't use my microphone right now" and you won't lose a heart, and it'll turn the setting off for an hour. Alternatively you can turn them off here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account and remember to press "save changes" at the top


turn voice recognition off in settings


I don't want to turn voice recognition off. I want to be able to do the speaking parts. But I want it to be right.


oh! Well, in that case I kinda have the same problem i have to do it hundred times then fail.


One trick is to click the stop button once it detects the right input. Another option is simply deactivating it.

Personally I like the new voice recognition, though it obviously isn't perfect, it sometimes identifies things I don't know how to pronounce properly. I recall several Yoruba people I met, whose name included "GB" ,e.g. Igbo, and I simply couldn't get the right pronunciation despite trying it more than 10 times, and they said I was pronouncing it wrong. This was more than one person, so chances are they were correct.

More importantly, correct audio detection requires good instruments, if you don't have a good quality headset/mic, you're simply doing yourself a disservice. The external audio almost always interferes with the recognition.

P.S. I tried the microphone tests using my L1 and it was surprisingly accurate despite my average laptop microphone.


It removes my correct word no matter what I do, even if I hit stop. I wonder if this voice recognition is user pooled, because I've been getting a lot of "guesses" from the website that are names of porn sites.


I get socially incorrect words. I wouldn't be surprised if it is user pooled.


Most voice recognition software are an amalgam of rules and audio tapes that are used to train it. In some cases they may process audio from say a 911 service to improve their detection algorithms.

But those "porn" results have appeared for me too once or twice. You could switch to firefox which doesn't have the API required for the voice recognition chrome is using, but be warned that system is way more permissive or downright incorrect at times.


Yeah, I was using firefox before chrome. I actually kind of preferred it because I could listen back to the recording. I only switched to chrome cause I was trying out the test center. Maybe I'll switch back


yeah it drives me nuts too. it's so frustrating to see the correct words, all nice and green, vanish in front of you.


If your using a laptop try and use the mic on the laptop instead of the earphones. Your room or area has to be absolute silent as well . I had to turn off my A/C for it to work and my A/C is not that loud


I am using my laptop. And ironically, the mic is good enough to ignore background sound. I was sitting outside, next to a raging air unit with a train passing by, and it still was able to pick it up, but it just doesn't want to accept the right words sometimes, so it must be the recognition software


Glad I'm not the only one. I just got started, and the voice recognition isn't just imperfect, it's unusable. I find myself practically yelling into the microphone, and it's telling me that I'm leaving words out, which I'm not. This is a major flaw in an otherwise awesome program. I want to learn a language to be able to speak it, not just write, so I don't want to disable the microphone, but I really don't have a choice. I hope this improves soon.

I'm curious, does it work any better with the Android app? I'll try that next time.


The voice recognition is dropping words for me, too. Sometimes it'll give me "almost right" if it's only dropped one word (which I said loud and clear) and sometimes it'll work and sometimes it'll completely not work and show completely unrelated words or nothing at all.

This is on my laptop's built in microphone in a place that is fairly quiet overall.


it should be called microphone


By the way, the sentence is Où va-t-il? in the french course.


I just tried this in Firefox (I was using Chrome) and it seemed to work fine. It said I was correct every time. Now I have a bit of the opposite concern. I know that my pronunciation is far from perfect (although I suspect a native would understand me) so I don't know if it even tries to recognize the voice. I think it's just recording it. That's still helpful to me, though, and definitely better than the experience in Chrome. At least I can listen to myself after and try to improve my pronunciation. Anyone else who's frustrated with this, try a different browser and see if that helps.


It seemed to work better on the French for German tree, or maybe I just sucked that badly at French when I tried the from EN tree


I am using the app on an iphone. learning Spanish. The voice recognition is way off. I am speaking the correct words very clearly and the app will not recognize it. It is very frustrating and ruins an otherwise excellent program.Other times I say the wrong thing and get a correct result.

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