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Immersion -> UK or US English

Hey Duolingo-Team,

This is a rather small issue but I just wanted to bring it up. I always enter the UK spelling of words in the Immersion section, but the flag in the section clearly shows a US flag. Is this something I should force myself not to do (i.e. write "color" instead of "colour" shiver)? Or is there some clever algorithm that figures out that most of the translation is US and UK-compliant and actually creates two final translated files with respect to those fine differences?


May 30, 2013




There is no definite instruction about the English version. I'd stick with American English because the site is American, teaches American English and uses the US flag. It is also good to maintain consistency, i.e. if you see that the translation was begun by someone in American English, you'd better continue it in American English as well and vice versa.

There were a few discussions on the same topic in which you may be interested:


Hey olimo, thanks for the other discussion topics and info. Sorry I opened up a new topic, obviously did a search beforehand but couldn't find the previous topics.


In theory duolingo could log your translations, use your IP to estimate your approximate geographical location and if it determines you are using British English and in the UK it could simply show you only articles it is getting paid to translate into British English.

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