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"The safest route is the one on the left."

Translation:O caminho mais seguro é o da esquerda.

May 30, 2013



one of the accepted solutions is currently: 'Correct solutions: A rota mais seguro é a da esquerda.'

rota is feminine, so the adjective has to be written accordingly, in this case, segura, not seguro


Doesn't 'mais seguro' mean 'safer'(more safe) rather than safest? I thought 'maior seguro' would mean 'safest'(most safe)

I'm not sure where the meaning of 'the one' is in the portuguese phrase either.


Comparison of superiority is very similar to superlatives. What might change (except for the irregular adjectives) is the usage of the. Ex: Meu carro é mais seguro do que o seu = my car is safer than yours. Meu carro é O mais seguro (my car is the safest). The safest car (O carro mais seguro).... if you'd like further information, just ask, once the examples are many of them. As for "one",there are many contexts where it doesnt occur in Portuguese comparing to English, especially when "one/ones" are used for not repeating the subject/object/noun in the sentence.


I was reading my comment again and i saw a big mistakes of my lack of attention... if youd ike to read it again. I think i made it confusing for you. Now its fixed ;)


If "the safest car" is "o carro mais seguro", how would you say "the safer car"? Is it just a matter of context?


You would say it the same way.

If you have two cars, the safer is also the safest.


How about:"o caminho mais seguro é à esquerda" instead of the first accepted answer: "...mais seguro é para esquerda". All these tiny details!


Right too. Just report.


Muito agradecida, Paulenrique.


Is this incorrect: "O caminho mais seguro FICA à esquerda."?


Right too. Just report.


O caminho mais seguro é o um na esquerda?


No, it does not work... =/


I wrote "a rota mais segura é aquela à esquerda" because of the English use of "the one on the left", but it was marked as wrong

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