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Small issue, medium issue, suggestion and a question

my info: firefox 32.0 on win 7

Small issue: Spanish lesson

Medium issue: slow opening of sentence discussions

info acquired with firebug:

  • 58 comments = 7,65 s
  • 54 comments = 7,31 s

This is a slightly annoying since there are a lot of discussions with >30 comments especially in early to mid lessons. Everything else is very fast when doing lessons except this.

Suggestion: Start Lesson by pressing Enter

This enables going from the finished lesson to the next one without the need to use the mouse.

Question: Are there any plans for making a keyboard shortcut for opening sentence discussions? I am asking because I am planing to make a small userscript just for that.

September 6, 2014



Valid issues. I think some sentence discussion may take long to load because they contain many more than the displayed comments. From what I've seen, it appears that the mods always see all deleted comments. So they are still there somewhere, but just hidden.

As for your question. I think you should just go ahead and do it. Staff doesn't generally create shortcuts for things they don't deem necessary, and considering that they haven't added it for more than a year, they are unlikely to do so now.


Thanks for your comment.

I forgot about all those deleted/hidden comments. I was thinking how could duolingo tackle this slow load issue.

One solution could be to load only the beginning part of a large sentence discussion and load the rest by scrolling down. Another one could be to collapse all subcomments and load them separately upon request or with "show all" button.

If you or anybody else has a different approach to tackle this issue please share. It could be of use to duolingo team. :)


The solution already exists. They just don't like the approach because it requires clicking. All they need to do is paginate the sentence discussions.

Alternatively they could simply separate up-voted comments from others, and require users to click to see them or just show the most recent ones first.

In the end it will always end up being the same. Suppose 200 users add excellent, unique comments. Hiding them will prevent people from seeing them, showing part of them will make people scroll or click too much. Maybe it should just load in a separate tab, that way you can see them all after the lessons. I think HodofHod's script probably stores all the discussions while you learn anyway.

So Duolingo could do the same, and show them when reviewing the lesson.

That may be a perfect solution.


It used to. It became unwieldy and buggy, so I switched it to load them on demand, even after the lesson is over.


Is it possible to load them using the review notes (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3143264) ? I think that would make them far more useful.


It is almost certainly possible, using the same method I am using now. Hopefully I'll have some time to look into that soon.

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