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"Isto vai trazer benefícios à comunidade."

Translation:This will bring benefits to the community.

September 6, 2014



The first hint for 'isto vai' is "that'll' - than not giving the answer right when using 'that' instead of 'this' is unfair


"That will bring benefits to the community". Why is that wrong?


I have noticed that there is really no "it" in portuguese. One of my Brazilian friends told me that isto can be translated as both "this" and "it." Is that true in this case? "It is going to bring benefits to the community"


I guess in english there would be a difference, no? I guess they would both depend on the sentence before, or whatever it is that will benefit the community. But I believe yes, both sentences would translate into "isto".


and there is no translation in: It is impossible... = é impossível; it is snowing = está nevando

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