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"I do not even have a brother."

Translation:Jeg har ikke engang en bror.

September 6, 2014



What is the difference between "engang" and "endda" since they both seem to relate with "even"?


That's a wonderful comparison, thanks!


Why is "Jeg har ikke selv en bror." not a correct response. Or, what's the difference in meaning of "Jeg har ikke selv en bror." and Jeg har ikke engang en bror"


I'm late to answer this, but with "selv" position matters a lot, and I think the structure changes so much that you can't use it in this sentence.

"Jeg har ikke selv en bror." means "I don't myself have a brother."
"Jeg har ikke en bror selv." means "I don't have a brother myself."
"Selv jeg har ikke en bror." means "Even I don't have a brother."


Do people in Denmark ever say "Ikke engang!" like we say "Not even!"?


danish is so CONFUSING!.!.!.!.!.


Hi, can someone please let me know the name of the topic/circle that this comment is from.

I want to revise the topic with words like “engang” and I can’t find it.


Hi Sasja, you can check out this recent post daKanga made, where they list all the words and in which Skill they are in. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/52531508


Thanks so much for the link. That information is fantastic.

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