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"Léann na páistí an leabhar agus léann na fir an nuachtán."

Translation:The children read the book and the men read the newspaper.

September 6, 2014


[deactivated user]

    I have such trouble remembering the spelling of leabhar. Is the B never pronounced in Irish or is it just in certain combinations (like with an H)?


    The bh combination doesn’t sound like an English B; it will sound like either a V or a W.


    Basically if you see an 'h', expect it to do something odd:-) There seem to be a whole pile of combinations with it, and none of them are quite what I'd expect:-) But it does get better:-)


    I can only remember it because of the French "livre". "B" and "V" are similar sounds, even though it doesn't sound like an English "B" here!


    I know i should have learned this by now but what is the difference between an and na?


    an páiste - "the child" (singular)
    na páistí - "the children" (plural)
    an leabhar - "the book" (singular)
    na leabhair - "the books" (plural)


    I'm struggling with pronunciation. Helllllppppp! I cant discern any relationship betemween letters and sounds yet. Where can i find the rules?


    This sentence sounds kind of poetic


    Can someone explain to me the sound "ea" makes in "leabhar"?


    The complete word sounds like the english word 'hour' with an 'l' at the start. (l-hour)


    Excuse me, but it is impossible hear well the "na" article, in the first part of the sentence.


    "Léann-uh páisti..." much?

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