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Immersion Improvements

I know it has been mentioned a number of times but I thought I would add my voice to the crowd in the hopes that we can improve the Immersion section together.

I think the new system that has been implemented is a great deal more effective than the previous and I am very happy with how it works. The new marking and editing system, with included comments, is also very good (when people leave comments).

The main problem I have is finding articles that have not been translated. My usual time for doing immersion and practice during the day is on my lunch hour (1pm GMT) and it seems this is during,or just after, a very popular period as there are hardly any articles left to be edited. I think that when an article is complete (all sentences translated) it should be moved to a new tab called "complete/review". In this tab someone can then choice a completed article and review the entire contents, edit and give feedback. This would remove the clutter of completed articles will allow for those that are only partly completed or very close to be visible and lost among the torrent of new article uploaded; as I have found with some articles that are a week old and not complete.

May 30, 2013



Maybe Duo. should go back to only allowing articles to be translated in order. Now there are several articles that have a few open sentences- but there are often very hard and time consuming to find. Also part of the overall problem is that too many items are much too long . At any rate , it appears that fewer learners are attempting to translate anything - for whatever reason. Just a comment.


Amerath - One additional comment. To help remove clutter I propose that untranslated sentences be printed in a little different color , so learners can find them. Also, articles should be deleted after ten days to two weeks, whether or not they are completed. These changes would clean up the immersion area a bit and maybe interest a few more learners again. Feedback?


They sound like good ideas. I also wonder if there could be an incentive for learners to be involved in translations that achieve "good" quality. For example, everyone who helped gets extra points if the final translation is of good quality. This is where a time limit would help too, because sometimes improvements might be made later on, but by that stage people have sometimes lost interest and the improvements don't get votes. Of course people could choose to revert to previous translations if they were better. We should also get some kind of warning when translations are about to disappear. I think that might really improve the quality of the translations.

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