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"Ik ben aan het betalen voor de gemeenschap."

Translation:I am paying for the community.

September 6, 2014



This is literally correct but unnatural. If you say this, a dutch person will think you are paying a prostitute: "gemeenschap" is both "community" and "intercourse". So it translates to "I am paying for the intercourse"

On the other hand, we will have good laughs ;-)


Lol! Well, how could you say that you are paying for the community without embarrassing yourself?


We either donate (usually to a good cause/charity) or do voluntary work/community service. Hence the difference between paying and donating, of which the latter should have actually been used here, but cannot be literally translated.


gemmenschap is my new favorite world in dutch!


Difficult spelling gemeenschap


I am not sure about the order of the clause. before i've analysed another phrase like this : ik ben naar de hoofdstad aan het fits, where in the final part of the phrase we can find the second part of the verb. as we can see, here, the second part of the verb is in the midfield, is there anyone able to tell me why ?


If you know what I mean...

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