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  5. Eu ir volto a portugal amanha!


Eu ir volto a portugal amanha!

My second visit since starting to learn Portuguese here on Duo'.

Excited! Hoping to get some little videos of me attempting to have conversations!

A few days in the beautiful little city of Porto then south to the sea at Aveiro!

September 6, 2014



Just a little correction: 'Eu ir volto a Portugal amanha' is a little wrong, but perfectly understandable. : "Voltarei à Portugal amanha" or "Eu irei voltar à Portugal amanha" is the correct form.

Que bom :) Conte-nos sobre a sua experiência por lá :)


Obrigado...If I don't make a million mistakes over there, I'm not trying hard enough!


It was kind of you to provide corrections, but the form of your second version surprised me because I would have written "Eu vou voltar a Portugal amanhã".

If you simply omit "ir" from Jimmy's sentence you get "Eu volto a Portugal amanhã". Doesn't that work too? I understood that the Portuguese present tense can be used in cases like this (translated as "I am returning to Portugal tomorrow").

I haven't changed "a" to "à" because I don't think the definite article is used with "Portugal" or maybe there is a good reason to use "à" which isn't obvious to me.


Awesome! Good luck speaking with everyone!


No dia da independência do Brasil :p Boa viagem!


Eii bro, come to brazil ! hahahah


Boa viagem!

Just be advised, you will hear a lot of swear words there in Porto. But it's all part of the northern culture. "Sem papas na língua" :)

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