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  5. "Nej, måske ikke."

"Nej, måske ikke."

Translation:No, maybe not.

September 6, 2014



Wow it's a beautiful language!


å Press ALT key and type 0229 on numeric keypad with NUM LOCK on.
Å Press ALT key and type 0197 or get a Danish keyboard installed via Control Panel. http://fontmeme.com/danish/


There is a much easier way. First install the US International keyboard layout. Don't worry, you can have multiple layouts installed and switch between them as you please.

Your right Alt key will become a special AltGr key:

AltGr+w = å     AltGr+W = Å
AltGr+z = æ     AltGr+Z = Æ
AltGr+l = ø       AltGr+L = Ø

Dead keys also work, e.g. 'e = é (for ‘én’ and ‘ét’)

(Note: there is a special Danish keyboard layout, but I think you'll prefer the US International one, as it's a lot more versatile and has the semicolon and such in their usual positions.)


I second the US International keyboard. I do use the Spanish keyboard for Spanish, but for French, German, Irish, and Danish, I'm using the US International keyboard. Easier than switching between a ton of keyboards.


You can also download Holdkey, it works great! I would go for the Pro Version, because it has more functions. It's free! http://www.holdkey.eu/


Thank you so much! I had switched to the international keyboard for many including Danish, but I had not found a solution for the Esperanto ŭ until now.


You're welcome! Thank you for the lingot! :)


What does the å sound like by it self


I use the better keyboard app, you can set a button for different languages. I have english danish and spanish set on mine


What is the difference betwen "nej" and "ikke"??


Nej - no Ikke - not


what do you do when you write the proper translation time after time but it keeps saying that you are wrong?


It was a typo error I should have got that one correct

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