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stuck at basics level 1

How do i get onto the next Blevel? iIve done level 1 to death but it still keeps giving me the same phrases and says i'm 0nly a 3rd way through. I want to proceed to level 2 but the only option is "practice +10 at Basics level 1!

September 2, 2012



This program has shortcuts. When starting a lesson in the right corner a window will pop up, offering you the chance to advance at a higher pace. When you have tried 3 times and you didn't succeed, the program will automatically throw you back in the normal routine. That is one possiblity.


Thanks. I've just checked but i can't see a pop up window on the right hand side when i start lesson. What do i do??


You choose a skill, on top at the right there will be a white oblong with the shortcut.


think i kind of got it now thanx Siebolt. Will be back if more problems arise


You need to start doing translations - either the ones suggested in Basics 1 or any from the Translations menu bar. Some sentences translated correctly will add to your lesson total. Hover over the coins to find out which.

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