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"last practiced" on word tab looks wrong

apparently i last practiced "puedo" four months ago. that would be 120 days back into my 144 days of duo life.

"last practiced" must not mean what i think it means. you can't go a day without typing "puedo" in the spanish tree.

there are many words that look wrong to me. i just grabbed a really egregious one as an example.

if this is right then i would guess that a word is "practiced" only when duo presents a question to specifically test that word. rather than treating every correctly used word as "practiced". if that were true, then the flash card scheduling would set you up to a do a lot of completely unnecessary reviewing.

September 6, 2014



I noticed the same thing. I vaguely remember the old vocabulary one also was a bit off.


Also practiced more than four months ago:

Tengo, habla, hijo, hermana, noche, teléfono and on and on

"Tengo" has only one strength bar. Apparently I never get "tengo" right.

Apparently I practiced "yo" a week ago. Still has four strength bars though, which is nice.

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