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Microphone Feature Request

I'm here saying "Wir sind die letzten Schuler" many times, and even tried putting on the "computer voice" & still, not picking up anything, other times it works well.

Feature Request*: How about after 3x the program goes "let's move on" with the translation at the bottom?

Because if I say "skip", I'll get one of my hearts taken away, and it really is not my fault, so I'm requesting that the programmers make it so that if it's not heard properly after 3x it goes "let's move on from here" with the correct translations.


September 6, 2014



I've only used the speaking component with the app, so the behavior might be different with the web version. In any case, the app does give me three (or so) shots, and then moves me on with no loss of a heart. The only thing different from your feature request is that I don't get the translation.

Are you being prompted to try more than four or five times and still not allowed to move on? What kind of microphone are you using?

I have a decent enough time with my iPhone's mic, and generally have the most success speaking as articulately as I can. It doesn't even care if I fail to roll my rrs or if I slur some consonant blends. But that's Spanish; German might be harder for the algorithm or mic to interpret.


Yes, I am being prompted more than four or five times right now, IDK, I'm on windows 7, on a Dell. It's not happening every single time where it does not pick up. I'm again stuck btw, right now. I've been doing it for 15 mins and it won't let me go on unless I "skip", then I'll lose a heart for it.


Oh btw, just now, FINALLY, it heard me, and moved on, but it's been a good 15 mins of it not hearing me, and making me stuck, even with recording the computer voice too.


That's so weird that you're getting prompted so many times while the app gives up a lot sooner. I guess fiddle with your microphone settings on your computer (update the driver?) or just turn off the speech part in Duolingo?


Well, what I suspect is that Duolingo is having major problems tonight. Right now my entire lesson is stuck, and I've finished it. But I won't get credit for it since it's completely stuck. So there's issues with Duolingo tonight.


My husband uses the web version and turned off his mic because it just wasn't picking up audio correctly. He also said that Duo won't just give up on him. He last used the mic about a week ago, so it's not just tonight. I think it might actually be an issue with the way the web version is set up? Maybe others can chime in.

Edit: in my insomniac procrastination, I found this thread about mic issues. Doesn't look like there's a solution per se but it has some avenues worth investigating: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4452596


Ok! I just tried the microphone on my laptop today. (Macbook Air) It took three tries to hear anything I said (though it's hot, so I had a fan in the other room), and then only recorded two words out of the entire sentence.


What might have happened, at least on my end yesterday was the update, I now finally have "WORDS", which I didn't have before.

That might have affected my Duolingo experience yesterday.

OTOH, I still get that issue of Duolingo not giving up when they don't understand the oral language part. And I'm hoping that it will be fixed soon. IE, 3x, you "move on". Because it does that 3x move on thing infrequently.


The thread won't let me reply to your last comment. So the microphone used to work for you? It never worked well for my husband before he got the words tab, but that might not have been 100% a Duolingo issue. I never use the mike on my computer so it's all new to me too.

I understand the not giving up in theory but there's no precedent with Duo: the test doesn't make you keep trying to write sentence until you get it right, and the iOS version happily moves on. Plus, with voice recognition there are so many factors at play that can't always be controlled for, especially ambient noise.

Anyway, I think the "translate this sentence then speak it" sounded cool, but I'll just turn the mike off again. (The app has you read a sentence aloud; very different.)


It still pretty much does work for me, except on occasions, but when it does not work, and it gets past 3x of me repeating the phrase then I get frustrated, really frustrated, but I'm too frugal to use my hearts. Unless I really really have to and it's so stuck it will absolutely not move.

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