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"Our national team plays good football."

Translation:Vores nationale hold spiller god fodbold.

September 7, 2014



The correct term for national team in Danish is "landshold", and the sentence would be "Vores landshold er gode til fodbold". "Spiller godt fodbold" can be used, but not "God fodbold".

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I agree that the correct sentence should be: "Vores landshold spiller godt fodbold"


You can play "good football", where "good" is a description of the type of football you are playing. You could also say "attractive football", "offensive football", "boring football", ... "Vores landshold er gode til fodbold" means that they are "good at football" and "Spiller godt fodbold" means they "play football well", both imply that they are high on some ranking or have high chances of winning a cup. However, "They play good football" is more subjective, it is a matter of taste, so there is a subtle difference.


"Vores fodboldlandshold spiller godt " Is another correct translation


I agree "Vores landshold spiller godt fodbold"

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