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  5. "We run today."

"We run today."

Translation:Rithimid inniu.

September 7, 2014



So, one does not have to use the first person plural conjugation? Can one also use this conjugation for the first person singular?


Yes. You don't always have to use the -(a)imid ending. That's called the synthetic form of the verb and is really only used in Munster and the Standard. In Donegal or Connacht you'll likely here ritheann muid.


In general, only the "synthetic" version of the first person singular (the version that has the pronoun contracted into it) is used - for example, rithim, ólaim. The non-contracted version, ritheann mé, is not standard Irish; it is used in one or two very local dialects but to many people's ears it would sounds unnatural.

The verb is an exception: both tá mé and táim are commonly used, and both are included in the official standard.

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