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"An bhfuil fáilte romhainn inniu?"

Translation:Are we welcome today?

September 7, 2014



Don't know if it's just me, but doesn't her 'inniu' sound like inniubh? Slight 'v' sound at the end to my ears.


Some dialects pronounce it inniubh, particularly Munster.


Ah that's fine then. I'll watch out for that in the future. Thanks!


yeah, I noticed this too. when I was taught in class it was always pronounced more like something between "innió" and "inniú"... so this threw me as well. Thanks Liamog ;)


Is the literal translation 'is a welcome before us today?'


yes, that's it. the reality is that different languages do things different ways but there's usually an underlying logic. it's the logic you need to get, not a word-for-word translation.


So is the spirit of this question something like, we did something bad yesterday (e.g. accidently broke a vase at a shop) and we're kind of wondering if we're allowed back in the shop?


The sentence doesn't make any sense to me. Does the sentence actually mean "Are we welcomeD today?"


No, it means “Are we welcome today?”. The noun fáilte in this idiom is translated as the adjective “welcome” rather than the verb “welcome”; if the question were changed to a statement, Tá fáilte romhainn inniu would translate as “We are welcome today”.

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