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  5. "Det synes jeg ikke."

"Det synes jeg ikke."

Translation:I do not think so.

September 7, 2014



Danish sentences sometimes are just like Yoda speaking. 'Think so, I do not' .......or maybe Yoda is Danes :D


It'd be nice if the full translation is shown when hovering with the mouse, as it can't be guessed.


Here I think it's just a case of an intransitive verb following the rules and taking "Det" as an object as there is no direct object. [I do not agree (to it)]

The full translations are shown in the cases of specific usage (for eg: "Hvordan går det?" or "kan godt lide") where, as you've said, we cannot guess.


Why not "I don't like it"


Thank you for asking. In another exercise we have the sentence "Barnet synes ikke om maden" which was translated to "The child does not like the food". It seems that the "på" makes the difference. So your sentence should translate to "Jeg synes ikke om det". But I am not sure. Edit: it is "synes om", not "synes på".


This is just a regular V2 inversion, not an idiom


I got this sentence first as a 'write what you hear' but I don't think I would've been able to translate that to English because I wouldn't have thought to use the word "so". No words in the sentence translate to "so", so why would I put it there? I would read this sentence as "I do not think it" as those are the words in the sentence. It's just another one of those quirks of languages that are the reason I'm terrible at learning them, I guess.


Could this also mean, I do not like it, or I do not think much of it? Tak for svaret.


"It think I not".


That think I not. (= literally) Das denke ich nicht. (= same sentence in german with the same word positions)


Doesn't"Det tror jeg ikke" mean "I dont think so" as well? What is the difference?


Tror is to think or have an opinion about something without any direct observational evidence for it. For example, if you and a friend are looking at a shirt and debating whether or not it is blue or purple, you would say JEG SYNES SKJØRTEN ER LILLA. But, if you have not seen it and you are basically just guessing, then you would say JEG TROR AT SKJØRTEN ER LILLA. I think. I am not a native speaker. If I am incorrect, hopefully someone will step in and correct me.


There was no way for us to know this answer. It literally says "I don't think of it," but "it" wasn't an available word. This idiom wasn't taught previously. Not fair to dock us a life.


Why does the verb end in "s"? That's never happened before.


It's "passive present" form (see: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/da/Passive/tips-and-notes from section four), but don't ask me how to determine when to use it - I'm terrible with grammar components and rules in English to begin with.


What's the difference between syner and tænker ?

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