Translation:I do not think so.

4 years ago



Danish sentences sometimes are just like Yoda speaking. 'Think so, I do not' .......or maybe Yoda is Danes :D

3 years ago

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This is just a regular V2 inversion, not an idiom

3 years ago


It'd be nice if the full translation is shown when hovering with the mouse, as it can't be guessed.

4 years ago


Here I think it's just a case of an intransitive verb following the rules and taking "Det" as an object as there is no direct object. [I do not agree (to it)]

The full translations are shown in the cases of specific usage (for eg: "Hvordan går det?" or "kan godt lide") where, as you've said, we cannot guess.

4 years ago


I got this sentence first as a 'write what you hear' but I don't think I would've been able to translate that to English because I wouldn't have thought to use the word "so". No words in the sentence translate to "so", so why would I put it there? I would read this sentence as "I do not think it" as those are the words in the sentence. It's just another one of those quirks of languages that are the reason I'm terrible at learning them, I guess.

3 years ago


Why not "I don't like it"

6 months ago

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Thank you for asking. In another exercise we have the sentence "Barnet synes ikke om maden" which was translated to "The child does not kike the food". It seems that the "på" makes the difference. So your sentence should translate to "Jeg synes ikke om det". But I am not sure. Edit: it is "synes om", not "synes på".

1 month ago
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