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Mistakes in the German "Words" Tab

I've noticed several mistakes while using it, and I'm wondering if there is a way to report any of the mistakes that we see. :-)

The biggest mistakes I've noticed so far are "rufen", which is translated as just "c" in English, and "Busse", which is translated as "busse".

It would also be nice if nouns were written with a capital letter and with their genders when using the flashcards, because it's not always clear if I'm supposed to be giving the meaning of the word's noun or verb form ("park" and "nutzen", for example). This becomes even harder when a word has different meanings depending on its gender: der Schild - shield vs. das Schild - sign.

Thanks for reading.

September 7, 2014



If you click on a noun, you will be able to see the gender on the right in a box.


Thanks, :-D but in the flashcard game, the genders aren't visible at all. This makes it hard to figure out which meaning is meant with words like "Teil" and "Schild", for example, which have different meanings depending on their gender.


Yes, you´re right but reading it on another box (masculine, feminine,neuter) does not help to remember as a group. Specially for those who have a "photographic" memory ( that has seen better days). Is there any suggestion box in DL? All constructive , because we love it and just want it to be even better for everyone!


something is strange in the german word list; spiegel (i thought was "mirror") is listed first as a verb, "simulate", or "shame". Farther down in the expanded list is "examine body cavity with a speculum".

Schwarzen definitions include "by the Christian Democrats"; machinen includes "great hulk of a woman". Is this slang? Is this a crowdsourced dictionary?

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