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  5. "Hun vil have børn."

"Hun vil have børn."

Translation:She wants to have children.

September 7, 2014



What is the difference between har and have? Is have in the future or does it mean something completely different?


Har is the present tense form of the infinitive, have. So "Jeg vil have..." is "I want (to have)..." as "vil" always takes the bare infinitive (infinitive without at) of the verb, but "Jeg har en bil" is "I have a car" as it is the current state of what is happening


didnt explain if have is the future tense


No, have indicates possession or the perfect tenses when combines with the past participle of a verb (Jeg har spist = I have eaten)

"vil have" indicates that the object of the sentence is what you would like to possess


How do you say "She will have children"?


'Hun vil have børn' if I am not mistaken.


For those whose mother tongue is not English (nor Danish), is pretty clear the parallel between English and Danish: "vil have" sounds very close to "will have" to our ears. England was occupied by Dans and this can be still seen in the language. You can safely say that more than half of the origin of English language is Danish.


"she will have children" and "she wants to have children" either correct but I think these sentences are so different??


She will have children? This would be similar to my other post. Thanks for any input.

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vil expresses desire. she will have children = hun skal have børn


Thanks! I will keep this difference in mind.

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You're welcome. I haven't seen skal introduced in this course yet but perhaps it's towards the end of the tree.


In Denmark you don't say this.... because we are some very akward people and don't talk about it nor do we talk like that... So if you said it to someone in Denmark they would think that you are weird.


When I visited Denmark, I absolutely LOVED it. People were very kind, and I didn't have to be gluten-free! I wish I could visit again.


I think this pronunciation is not very accurate. It seems to me she says something similar to hæve not have.


True. It sounds like the word for "garden".


What the difference between "Hun vil have..." and "Hun vil gerne have..."?

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