"Non siete tutti avvocati."

Translation:You are not all lawyers.

May 30, 2013

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Why is "y'all" shown as a correct response?


Because siete is in plural you form, and in English that can be distinguished from singular you with the phrase "all of you" or "all you all." This then becomes "all y'all" especially in the Southern portion of the U.S.


All yall is not usually correct, even in southern english. Yall is already plural, there is no need to use all in front of it except in very specific cases where you are addressing multiple groups of people (yall 2 go one way, yall 3 go another, yall 5 go a third way, all yall meet back up in 10 minutes).


Attorney is synonymous with lawyer in America. Marking attorneys wrong is wrong.


Does the italian version mean some of you all are lawyers and some of you all are not or does it mean none of you all are lawyers?


As I understand it, you should address family, friends, and closer aquaintainces with "tu", while strangers and professionals should be addressed with "voi", which also gets used for a group of people.

It seems to me that you probably say "voi" more than you say "tu" during a day, especially if you are a tourist in Italy. I think that Duolingo should put more phrases using the "voi" conjugations (such as this example- "siete") into these exercises. I think that they lean on "tu" a little too much, since I won't be speaking Italian to my own family.

Just a thought; not really sure where I should put it otherwise!


"Voi" is also informal. It is the plural of "tu." There's a brief explanation here:


(If you know any Spanish, it is the equivalent of "vosotros" in that language.)

The formal second person [you] pronouns, Lei (singular) and Loro (plural) look just like the third person [he, she, it, they] pronouns, lei (singular) and loro (plural) except that the "you" forms are always capitalized.

Native speakers out there -- HELP! Is it as impolite to address a stranger as "tu" in Italian as it is in French or Spanish (unless you are both very young)?


If you're a foreigner and make this mistake (tu vs Lei) no one is going to be insulted ;) My native speaker source says Loro isn't actually used by anyone anymore in real life situations. You'd just use voi in plural.


They told me the same thing at the Italian Cultural Community Center. Of course we still need to learn the formal tense for reading old books or watching old movies.


Is Duolingo ever going to recognize that attorney and lawyer are the same thing!


ENGLISH CHECK. Not all lawyers is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT than All not lawyers.

Not all lawyers means SOME are not lawyers.

All not lawyers means EVERYONE is not a lawyer.


We have an imposter, one of you is a barrister


It is the same word for avocados, so you know with duolingo sentences, that should be correct.


Trying to fit some Duolingo practice while at a courthouse, and this is the first phrase i get.


Why was "You are not all attorneys" marked as incorrect?


Attorneys are lawyers but it was not accepted.

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