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  5. "Det står i bogen."

"Det står i bogen."

Translation:It is written in the book.

September 7, 2014



In Dutch we also say 'it stands in the book' (het staat in het boek). Meaning that it is written in it.


Same in German: Es steht im Buch; likewise in Afrikaans: Dit staan in die boek.


sure, in english we still have set phrases like"let it stand" or "motion stands"


Why was, "It stands in the book", false?


Why Duo does not accept "It stands in the book"?? Instead the hint says "It says in the book"!!!!???


its an idiom. Literally it does translate to "It stands in the book" but the phrase means "its written in the book." Just something you gotta remember.

Get out of the habit of translating things directly to English and start thinking conceptually about what the phrase means.


But Duo also accepted "it is in the book" as a valid translation


...said every Jehovah's Witness ever


Why is "It is stated in the book" not correct?


I think that's a pretty formal word (stated) and not the goal of the lesson. Stated = formal, "står" in this context, not formal. You would not say it is stated in the book as a translation of "Det står i bogen" unless it's a really formal context I guess :)


The sound is not clear. When SPOKEN normally she is slurring the sounds all into one making it difficult to understand; and when played slow it spounds like de stå i bog not det står i bogen.


sounds like a danish speaker at a bar


And, well, like the Good Book says...


star and skriver, explain difference please


Is it correct: Det har skrevet i bogen? thks


What you wrote translates to "it has written in the book" So, no.

This is an idiomatic phrase. Star is known as stand but in Danish something written in the book is said "It stands in the book" which can translate roughly to "it comes into existence in the book"

English has its own versions of this, its not just Danish being finicky. In fact, most germanic languages say "its written in the book" this way. Norwegian and German do at least.


In German, you say it "stands" written in the book, where the "written" is optional.


Ifølge mig, det er ikke rigtigt.

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