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"¿Cuánto vale la camisa?"

Translation:How much does the shirt cost?

5 years ago



"What is the shirt worth?" seems to me to be a perfectly legitimate way to say this in English. Colloquially, at least, it is equivalent to "How much is the shirt worth?" (which sounds awkward to me; I would say "How much did it cost?" or "How much is it?", but with the word "worth" I would always say "What is it worth?").

5 years ago


I agree totally with SenorPepe. I gave the same "incorrect" answer.

5 years ago


I have never heard How much is the shirt worth? Maybe a painting or an expensive car.But a shirt I think suggests the person wants to purchase the item and is asking the salesclerk for a price. Why not use cost?

5 years ago