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Streak pause during weekend

Hello, could you make the streak stop and stay at it is during the weekend? I don't go on on Saturday or Sunday, so I can never have a high streak. Thank you!

May 30, 2013



I second that. VERY frustrating! Breaking a streak means not making your goal. That is totally different than planning to only be online on certain days.

Seven checkboxes (Mon-Sun) on the personal goals page could easily solve this problem.


That sounds like a great change. Nothing else that most of us are involved with wants us to work every day like Duo., not school, not work, probably not even family. If you wanted to do some language work on weekends, your streak total should still be able to advance. Another overall option would be the ability to opt in or out of having the streak total on your home page,learners could also opt in or out of having the streak counter function on weekends. This would help make Duo. even better, and a lot more user friendly.


my 27 day streak got reset to zero for no reason. I no longer care about a streak, neither should you.

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